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Mrs. Germany Galaxy 2006

Catch up with Mrs. Germany!

Traveling Deutschland
Catch up with Mrs. Germany!

Want to meet Mrs. Germany in person and get her autograph?  Want to schedule Mrs. Germany to attend your event?  Mrs. Germany's schedule is booked on a first-come, first-served basis with preference given to military events.  Remember, there is no appearance fee for Wendy to attend a military event and support US soldiers!  Check Wendy's schedule below and see if she is free on the date of your event!  Wendy may attend more than one event in a day if timing allows. 

4th            Independence Day 10K, Schweinfurt
24th-30th   International Pageant Competition, Orlando, FL
3rd      D-Day Memorial Run, Schweinfurt
17th     World Cup, Kaiserslautern*
23rd      World Cup, Kaiserslautern*
3rd       Special Olympic Spring Games, Kaiserslautern
8th       Ramstein Intermediate School visit
16th     Army Substance Abuse Program, Schweinfurt-guest speaker
17th     German National Honor Society guest speaker, Stuttgart
TBD--visit to Ansbach Schools
1st       Kinderfest Parade, Schweinfurt
1st       April Fools Day Run, Schweinfurt--awards presenation
5th       "Take Back the Night" domestic violence awareness walk, Wuerzburg
25th     Hohenfels Protestant Women of the Chapel (PWOC), guest speaker
25th     Hohenfels Elementary School visit
25th     Hohenfels Middle and High School visits
25th     Hohenfels School Age Services visit
25th     Hohenfels Child Development Center visit
27th     Schweinfurt Health Fair & Exposition
29th     Katterbach, Germany Kinderfest
9th    FBLA Europe Spring Leadership Conference, Garmisch
9th    Visit to Garmisch schools
9th    Visit to Garmisch child development center
10th  Miss MSZ Pageant, Schweinfurt
10th  Wuerzburg Bazaar ribbon cutting
11th   PWOC Area Rally, Darmstadt
12th  Wuerzburg Bazaar autograph signing
15th  Sembach Middle School Visit, Sembach
15th  Visit to Sembach child development center 
15th   Meeting with World Cup committee
22nd  Visit to Old Argonner Elementary School, Hanau
22nd  Visit to Hanau child development center
22nd   Women's History Month guest speaker, Hanau
28th    Robinson Barracks Elementary School visit, Stuttgart
28th    Patch Elementary School visit, Stuttgart
28th    Patch High School visit, Stuttgart
28th    Visit to Stuttgart child development center
28th    Stuttgart School Age Services visit
29th    Army Substance Abuse Program, Schweinfurt--guest speaker
11th  Delta Sigma Theta Fundraising Gala, Ramstein
14th  Wuerzburg Hospital Valentine's visit
22nd  Girl Scout Thinking Day*
23rd  Wuerzburg High School Honor Roll Assembly, guest speaker
28th  Fasching Parade, Schweinfurt
11th    Rhein Neckar American Women's Activities in Germany (AWAG) Conference, Heidelberg--luncheon speaker
11th    Heidelberg Middle School--guest speaker
11th   Heidelberg SAS--guest speaker
17th-18th--AFAP Conference, Schweinfurt
19th-24th--Miss America Pageant, Las Vegas
2nd  Germany Special Olympics Bowling Competition, Kaiserslautern
2nd  Visit to Kaiserslautern Schools
2nd   Visit to Kelberg Child Development Center, Kaiserslautern
9th   Visit to Landstuhl Medical Center
9th   Visit to Landstuhl Elementary & Middle Schools
9th   Visit to Agape International Academy, Ramstein
9th   Visit to Ramstein Casualty Air Staging Facility
9th   Kaiserslautern Tree Lighting Ceremony
9th   Girl Scout Sleepover, Giebelstadt
10th  Heidelberg Holiday Parade
10th  Heidelberg Tree Decorating Contest, Judge
11th  Charity Gift Wrapping, Schweinfurt PX
11th  Photos with Santa, Schweinfurt PX
12th  Schweinfurt Substance Abuse Program--guest speaker
13th  Schweinfurt Holiday Caroling in the Maketplatz
19th  Post Exchange Kids' Shopping Night, Schweinfurt
TBA--Katterbach Teen Center Winter Camp
8th   Schweinfurt Torch Club, guest speaker
11th  Girl Scout St. Martin's Day*
12th  Veterans Day Conference, Czech Republic
15th  American Women's Activities in Germany (AWAG) Conference Guest Presenter, Schweinfurt
19th  Schweinfurt Turkey Trot, awards presentation
19th  Schweinfurt Paint Ball Course, ribbon cutting
26th  Visit to Geldersheim orphanage
8th  Hispanic-American Boxing Event, Giessen
13th  SAS "Smart Girls Club", Schweinfurt--guest speaker
15th  CYS Harvest Fest, Kitzingen
15th  Breast Cancer Awareness Run, Wuerzburg
24th  Schweinfurt 4-H Club, guest speaker*
25th  SAS Torch Club Meeting, Schweinfurt--guest speaker
26th  DODDS FBLA/FLC Annual Workshop, Heidelberg--presenter
26th  Heidelberg PWOC--guest speaker
26th  Heidelberg Middle School After-School Program--guest speaker
26th  Visit to Heidelberg Army Hospital
28th  SAS Harvest Festival, Schweinfurt
29th  Juliette Low Day, Wuerzburg
29th  Schweinfurt Post Exchange Halloween Costume Contest
30th  KISS Concert, Giessen
31st  Fall Safety Fest, Wuerzburg
31st  Halloween Alternative Event, Ledward Chapel, Schweinfurt
1st    Military Idol Competition, Bamberg
2nd   Military Idol Competition, Schweinfurt
3rd   Little Miss & Mister Schweinfurt Pageant
3rd  Fall Harvest Bazaar Food Contest Celebrity Judge--Schweinfurt
9th   Military Idol Competition, Schweinfurt
15th  Military Idol Competition, Bamberg
19th  AUSA Championship Golf Tournament, Heidelberg
21st  Visit to Heidelberg child development center
222nd  AUSA President's Dinner, Heidelberg
23rd  Military Idol Competition, Heidelberg
24th  Military Idol Competition, Weisbaden
*Appearance pending